I’ve been a cyclist for many years, but since moving to San Francisco I feel like I’m part of a tribe, the Valencia Bike Tribe, and cycling to work has become my preferred way to travel.  I’m not someone who cycles to work simply as a convenient way to get in my 40 minutes of cardio a day, although that is a bonus, cycling happens to be the fastest, most convenient, and enjoyable way to get to the office.

Starting my day with a cycle, come rain or shine puts a smile on my face and sets me up for a good day ahead, and it seems others feel the same.

Take a look at this beautifully crafted webpage that shows how bikes are shaping the spaces we work in,  The work Cycle


“Marketing and development are one in the same”

Last Friday, Claire Axelrad, a member of Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Tips, a LinkedIn Group I am part of, wrote a piece about the importance of marketing and development need to work as a team.

Her posting, Please Stop the Madness in March (and any other time): Integrate Fundraising and Marketing , struck a chord, and is a problem I come across time and time again in my work as a leader in arts nonprofit.

What exactly is the problem?  Quite frankly, we are driving are constituents crazy with a multitude of mixed messaging.

I have always believed that development and marketing go hand in hand, and firmly agree that one cannot exist in a vacum and work independently from the other.  There are people out there however, who simply do not get this, which is insanity personified!

My recipe for integration:


Resources and articles:

I just read a great article by Rachael Wilkinson on telemarketing and the impact, or lack there of, she feels it has on “Millennial” donors.  I have recently been having many conversations with my colleagues about telemarketing, so this article comes at an opportune moment. How will you embrace the Millennial Generation in your fundraising efforts? I’m still pondering, but will be sure to share my thoughts when I have reflected a little more.

Big Thought, The Wallace Foundation, and WolfBrown have launched a new initiative called Creating Quality.  My reaction after a quick read and click about is, WOW!

Creating Quality is a hands-on, participatory resource for teachers, community educators, artists, principals, researchers, nonprofit and civic leaders, policymakers, and others to learn about, collaborate on, and share strategies for ensuring that our children receive the best possible education.


Hyper-minimalist poster designs of classic children’s stories by designer Christian Jackson

Simple, witty, stylish!

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wizard of Oz are just a sampling.  Why not check out the whole collection.