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Collective powerI just discovered a great fundraising blog, 101Fundraising: Crowdblog on Fundraising.

With that discovery, I just read an interesting article about the changing landscape of fundraising – Wake up to the new rules of fundraising.

Which led me to google new rules of fundraising, and I found this.

In short, the internet has changed the state of play, and we must all jump on board.

Three major changes to take note of:

  1. How folks make purchasing decisions has changed. We are buying based on trusted sources – recommendations from friends or by reading reviews of past customers we haven’t even met.
  2. Everyone is now a channel. Let them be your messenger!
  3. Donors have more social capital with their donors than you do. Use it wisely!

I’ve been researching and digesting a ton of visual data recently, and have come to the conclusion that this is most definitely the way forward – for me at least.

My quest started with an article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy by Nicole Wallace: How visualizing data helps nonprofits get attention.

This was not the first time I had seen organizations use visuals to help explain their work, but was perhaps the first time I could see how it would be of benefit to the work I was doing.

From here I embarked on a visual data scavenger hunt researching how other nonprofits were using visuals to report, explain and share their work.  There is a lot of very thoughtful work out there!

826 Valencia’s 2010-2011 Annual Report was by far the most inspirational though! See for yourself 826 

“Marketing and development are one in the same”

Last Friday, Claire Axelrad, a member of Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Tips, a LinkedIn Group I am part of, wrote a piece about the importance of marketing and development need to work as a team.

Her posting, Please Stop the Madness in March (and any other time): Integrate Fundraising and Marketing , struck a chord, and is a problem I come across time and time again in my work as a leader in arts nonprofit.

What exactly is the problem?  Quite frankly, we are driving are constituents crazy with a multitude of mixed messaging.

I have always believed that development and marketing go hand in hand, and firmly agree that one cannot exist in a vacum and work independently from the other.  There are people out there however, who simply do not get this, which is insanity personified!

My recipe for integration:


Resources and articles:

I just read a great article by Rachael Wilkinson on telemarketing and the impact, or lack there of, she feels it has on “Millennial” donors.  I have recently been having many conversations with my colleagues about telemarketing, so this article comes at an opportune moment. How will you embrace the Millennial Generation in your fundraising efforts? I’m still pondering, but will be sure to share my thoughts when I have reflected a little more.