I don’t spend enough time using my hands to make things, but I LOVE it when I do.

2013-12-19 07.36.01

Moleskin Fun!

I made these at my friends studio before Christmas so that I could give gifts that I had put real time and effort into. I took the image of the Lupins popping up over a fence down at Muir Beach. So happy that the details came out when the screen was made. Thank you, Jon, for facilitating my creativity and letting me use your studio! (He was the brains behind the green bit!).

Next u2013-12-19 08.53.22p . . . hand stamped linen bags for all of my many cousins. Bought the wooden stamp from India, and used silk screen ink as per the suggestion of the man at Flax. Stuffed them with Tcho chocolates. Happy faces all round 🙂