“Marketing and development are one in the same”

Last Friday, Claire Axelrad, a member of Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Tips, a LinkedIn Group I am part of, wrote a piece about the importance of marketing and development need to work as a team.

Her posting, Please Stop the Madness in March (and any other time): Integrate Fundraising and Marketing , struck a chord, and is a problem I come across time and time again in my work as a leader in arts nonprofit.

What exactly is the problem?  Quite frankly, we are driving are constituents crazy with a multitude of mixed messaging.

I have always believed that development and marketing go hand in hand, and firmly agree that one cannot exist in a vacum and work independently from the other.  There are people out there however, who simply do not get this, which is insanity personified!

My recipe for integration:


Resources and articles: